I pulled it’s wiring harness with some fava beans and a nice chianti…

Back from camp, back to school, and back to work! Right before I left for Kona I managed to pull the entire rear wiring harness (the only thing holding in the front wiring is the firewall). Packing, however, managed to rob me of a chance to blog about it. The fact that I didn’t take any pictures of the process will make for an interesting post later on…

Last Sunday, I finished some parts inventorying and cleaned up some old parts to list and sell on eBay. The automatic shifter, oil pump, water pump, timing set, rocker arm nuts, and transmission are all being peddled for some funds in the coffers. Most of these were fairly clean already, with the exception of the tranny, which was covered in gunk. Some engine degreaser, a steam cleaner, and many shop towels helped polish it up a bit. Pictures and info on the parts will follow, along with links to the eBay listings if you’re interested in buying any (please help pay for my paint job!)

Meanwhile, Dad added a touch of flair to the normally drab garage doors:

A little more legit than your average nametag


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  1. Ping from Hollis Browne:

    Love the sign. Thank you for ordering it.