With the suspension completely removed, I had only to pull out some key steering components before we could mount the Rotisserie. These included the Pitman arm, the steering arm, the power-steering hydraulic pump, and the idler arm. This last piece must be replaced if there is any play where it mounts to the body; otherwise, its fine to keep yours. Ours showed a minimal amount of movement, but we’ll probably replace it in the interest of optimal handling.

Once all this had been completed, it was time to connect the rotisserie clamps. This required many fine adjustments in the height of the car, the width of the rotisserie arms, the tightness of the bolts, etc. (Many thanks to our friend Christian for helping out). When everything was finally dialed in and secured down, we pumped up the car and rocked it like a cradle. We won’t be able to fully spin the car until we line up the axis of rotation with the car’s center of gravity, but that will come soon: I’ve got plenty of work to keep me busy until then.

That vertical column needs to be raised to a higher setting before we spin the car