Dan to the rescue

Well, it looks like Dad’s welding mishaps were too difficult to fix after all. Since we didn’t want to inflict any more damage than had been done already, or delay our project any longer, we decided to leave it to the professional. Dan, who runs the muffler shop across the street from TLG, was kind enough to finish the job for us. He quickly patched up the blowout holes, and now all I have to do is grind down the excess metal. Next step: rear quarter panel replacement. These will probably be spot welded in place once the old ones are cut out. Dan told my dad that the 1969 Boss 302 had fake side scoops like ours, but I’ll have to run a fact check on that—I’m pretty sure I remember the Boss looking a bit more sleek.

Dan cleans up nicely

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  1. Ping from Dad:

    Very funny, Jack! I’m happy to be the fall guy, but I did get Dan to fix the welds with his Monster MIG. B^)