ready to paint…just waiting for the painter

exhaust fans done

We finished the paint booth this week.  This comprised creating a door (using a zipper) and installing exhaust fans and filters.  The exhaust fans create a cross-flow of air in the booth which enters at the top back and exits low in the front near the front door of our booth.  I taped some masking paper on the wall to use for dialing-in our spray pattern on the HVLP guns.  I installed a 4 stage dryer system for our compressed air lines and ran the air line into the middle of the booth and sealed the penetration point.   The last penetration (still do do) is to run our breathing hoses into the booth so Jack and I have safe air to breath.  We’re using Magnapoxy, a two stage primer which is extremely toxic and can be absorbed through the skin and eyes!  Consequently, we’ll be wearing full HAZMAT style suits with hoods and supplied air.  After all, Jack’s going to need every brain  cell he has (and then some) next year as a freshman at that trade school he’s attending back East.

Now if Jack will just find some time*, we can prime the bottom of the car, spray it with Monstaliner and get it rolling so we can send the car to the painter.  Which means he’ll have to make a choice between Bright Yellow and Calypso Coral.

* I think Jack may be boycotting the garage after putting in 55 hours over spring break.