Order Restored

Jack and I finished cleaning up the garage just in time for us to host a session on basic car maintenance and emergency procedures for our friend G‘s National Charity League chapter.

Car Care session at ThreeLionsGarage

NCL Car Maintenance crew at Three Lions Garage

For a “before and after” comparison on our cleaning progress, compare the photo entitled “order restored” (above right) to the shelves in the background of the photo in the trouble with a capital V8 entry below.

Our guests and their moms were great sports.  G even took the opportunity to practice changing her tire, and she did so very impressively.


Order Restored

The headless horseman

The Headless Horseman wrenching away

After helping dad clean the garage, Jack managed to squeeze in a few hours of work wrenching on his car.  He tested his battery to determine if it’s salvage-able.  He will have to re-test the battery after the results showed it needed to be charged before the test would yield good results.  Grasshopper also decided to test the conductive properties of dad’s Craftsman 1/2″ chrome combination wrench by bridging the battery terminals.  It turns out that the wrench is a great conductor!

Jack successfully removed both headlight buckets and decided to defer the compression test until next time to learn what condition the engine cylinders and valves are in before he starts to disassemble some of the electrical system components.