Ode to Montezuma

Chuck and Monty

If you are surprised that someone would take the time to write about so dull a subject as tool storage, you clearly haven’t experienced the wonders of the MONTEZUMA.

The Montezuma is the remarkable contraption next to Charlie in the photo at the right.  These toolboxes are marvels of clever engineering and design.  MontezumaMfg call this monstrosity a “Portable Toolbox”, but trust me–there ain’t nothin’ portable about this bad boy when it’s fully loaded.  The one I have is the LARGE size and weighs 87 pounds before you add a single socket.  Its capacity exceeded even your author’s ridiculously extensive selection of tools.

Before I start to list what it will hold, I recommend you take a quick break, grab yourself a cold drink and strap yourself in for a long ride:

  • 35 pegs which hold 3 combination wrenches each up to 1 1/4″ or 32mm. (That’s room for 105 S.A.E and Metric combination wrenches)
  • 25 holes for screw- or nut-drivers
  • 24 holes for assorted 1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ ratchet wrench handles, , twist and flex handles and extension bars
  • 190 (!) pegs for sockets of various sizes
    • 20 for 1/2″ S.A.E. deep up to 1 1/4″
    • 20 for 1/2″ S.A.E. regular up to 1 1/4″
    • 23 for 1/2″ metric deep up to 32mm
    • 23 for 1/2″ metric regular up to 32mm
    • 15 for 3/8″ S.A.E deep sockets up to 7/8″
    • 15 for 3/8″ S.A.E. regular up to 7/8″
    • 15 for 3/8″ metric deep up to 22mm
    • 15 for 3/8″ metric regular up to 22mm
    • 11 for 1/4″ S.A.E. deep up to 9/16″
    • 11 for 1/4″ S.A.E. regular up to 9/16″
    • 11 for 1/4″ metric deep up to 13mm
    • 11 for 1/4″ metric regular up to 13mm
  • the socket trays lift up on hinges to expose two large compartments which hold my:
    • digital torque wrench
    • deflecting beam torque wrench
    • crank handle
    • spinner handle
    • hinge handles
    • spiral ratchet driver and bits

The cavernous open storage area at the bottom holds my really monstrous combination wrenches which are too  large to hang on the pegs in the back, my 24″ and 27″ breaker bars, impact socket sets, a lug nut socket set and a large assortment of socket driver bits.  The lid is held open by two gas shocks and it locks with a key and a redundant set of padlock eyes to protect your formidable tools investment.

One of my favorite features of the Montezuma is that you can immediately see when a socket is missing and where it goes when you put it back.  Montezuma Mfg offers a more “reasonably” sized medium and small version for those of you who lead more balanced lives and don’t have as bad a tool habit as I do.

I could go on but you’ll certainly begin to question why a seemingly rational man is so attached to a tool box–you simply have to experience it for yourself.  Come visit the Three Lions Garage and I’ll gladly demonstrate my Montezuma for you.

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