week 2

trying to find elusive fasteners on the hood lock assembly

Last weekend, I managed to get some work in on the front end disassembly. The mustang restoration guide I’m using tells me to start with the front bumper, which is impossible to remove without first taking out the valance panel. The hood lock assembly, grille, grille reveal molding/trim, headlights, headlight bucket trim, and some panel for which I know no name soon followed.

I’m slowly becoming more adept at removing these as I pick up tips from my dad (using mirrors to see in small spaces, labeling fasteners…)

I’ve also found that taking the long way around doesn’t have too many benefits. Trying to remove the top of the headlight bucket from the bottom, through the fender shield, and around the headlight provedmuch more demanding than coming in from the side of the grille…