Welcome to Grumpy’s Garage

Did you miss us?  We took a few weeks off.  Last weekend we had a great time with good friends in their family getaway at Sheep Ranch in Calaveras County.  In addition to the outstanding company of good friends and family, we went spelunking in Moaning caverns and spent a few hours wandering around Murphy’s, CA. While in Murphy’s, Jack picked up a father’d day gift for me which he surprised me with on Sunday morning.  I love my gift which we hung today in the Three Lions Garage:

also known as Three Lions garage

Do you think he may be trying to tell me something?

Today we finally got back to business and began to disassemble the engine.  I’ll let Jack share the details with you, but allow me to tease you with a few shots…

A boy and his blocK

A boy and his block

grasshopper pulls his rockers


  1. Ping from Rob Fisher:

    Where was my text??? I would have loved to have been there!!

  2. Ping from Jonathan:

    Rob – you’ll be there next time. You have a date with my body hammers! 8^)