Having taken a break quite longer than we had planned, Dad and I finally got some work done at the garage. Quite a bit, if I might say. While I dismembered my pony, Dad finally got around to finishing some items on our never-ending garage to-do list.

With the engine in pieces and awaiting a trip to the machine shop, I was able to start tearing out the interior. I started with the rear quarter-windows. Once again, my minimalist restoration book led me on a wild goose chase, failing to explain all of the steps necessary to remove the windows–so I improvised. The bottom window hinge cover was beneath the C-pillar interior panel, and was secured with some sealant goop, even though it contained holes for screws. Dad’s denatured alcohol didn’t suffice to de-goopatize it, but WD40 came in handy for this. Before I could get to the cover, however, I had to remove the rear seat cushion, which was most easily accessible when the front seats were out. To remove those, I had to jack up the car, pull out the bolt plugs in the floor pan, and unbolt the seats blindsighted.

Can't quite see the road...

More next time from Three Lions Garage…!

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  1. Ping from scott benner:

    Way to go guys, your making good headway while also balancing life as well. Looking forward to hearing what the machine shop says.