Catching Up

No, we are not dead. And no, the Mustang has not disappeared.

It has been VERY long since I’ve posted. I haven’t gotten too much done since my latest activity on this site, but we’ve made someĀ  decent progress here at TLG. For the sake of catching up, I’m not going to go into painstakingly meticulous detail on everything we’ve done since.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  • trunk lid and hinges
  • tail lights
  • rear side-marker lights
  • rear quarter caps
  • filler cap and tube
  • gas tank (many spills ensued, very grateful for kitty litter)

Last weekend, Dad and I spent a significant amount of time moving cars around to get the Mustang on the lift for the process of transmission and drivetrain removal. We plan on replacing our current 4-speed auto with a manual T5 World Class tranny for improved highway mileage.

On Saturday, I pulled the exhaust pipes with the mufflers for better access to the underside. With Dad’s help and an impact wrench, I removed and replaced the oil pan to drain the transmission fluid, then cut the cooling lines which led to the radiator. Next time we’ll hopefully have the whole transmission out.