Finally, underside work!

Like rebuilding the engine, this is so much more interesting than normal trim and body work. Seeing the mechanical processes that operate an automobile is a privilege when compared to the usual drudgery of removing taillights or bumpers or quarter-windows. Also, I get a basic understanding of what makes the car tick.

Now that I’m done with my AP European History course and lacrosse season, I’ve been able to work at the garage weeknights with my dad. We put the Mustang up on the lift for better access to the underside, and started by taking out the driveshaft.

The driveshaft connects the transmission to the rear end, and is attached on both sides with a universal joint. In the front, it connects to a cylinder which slides right into the back of the tranny. In the rear, a slip yoke latches onto the universal joint with two retainers. I removed these and pulled the front end out of the transmission, with some help from Dad. We let the excess ATF spill into a container, then I used a garbage bag and some masking tape to seal off the end of the transmission.

After detaching the speedometer and a couple of linkage rods, we removed the C4 auto from the car last night. First, I put a panel across the lift runners to hold up jacks for supporting the rear of the tranny. (When I pulled the engine last year, we used old coathangers to hang the front from a 2×4 we rested on top of the engine compartment.) Then, I took out the final support holding the transmission and lowered the lift to the ground. Using two hydraulic floor jacks, Dad and I lifted the tranny off the jack stands and let it rest on the ground.

Note the makeshift ATF plug on the end