Spring Cleaning

This past weekend Dad, Charlie, and I were able to put in some time at TLG. Dad moved the trailer to his very helpful friend Rob’s house make room in the garage for us to work on our cars. I had been been storing a significant amount of parts on it before it was sold, and these were all lying around after the trailer was moved. It began to get annoying walking over my seats, rear bench, interior panels, and quarter caps, so we moved them up on a high shelf (with the help of our Little Giant ladder) to get them out of the way. Finally, I drained the rest of the ATF from the transmission, which I’ll be cleaning and selling.

With a little more space to work, I began cleaning out all accessories in the engine compartment. Removing the battery tray revealed a small, but significant, spot of corrosion (MIG welder, here I come!). I also removed the rubber hood-bumpers, the windshield washer fluid container, the starter relay, and the regulator assembly.

Next time I should be able to finish cleaning out the engine compartment and begin with the windshield and interior.

P.S. Charlie, when will you start posting?!