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We should have been warned!

Yesterday I visited the London Motor Museum.  I suspected something was amiss when I noticed I was the only one not on the payroll who had walked through the doors of the “museum”.  I paid my ten (!) pounds to the young man who quickly closed whatever internet window he wasn’t supposed to be watching […]

Thanks Ken!

Ken kindly sent us a note to correct my error in the Lurking outside the garage post a few weeks ago.  I incorrectly identified both Camaros as 1969’s.  It turns out the red one was a 1967.  Thanks for the correction Ken — I appreciate the help.

Lurking outside the garage…

Today I saw the most remarkable sight just outside the doors of the Three Lions Garage.  Parked mere yards from the large garage doors were two 1969 Chevy Camaro SS’s (a 1967 and 1969)!   That’s right–two of them!  This was no coincidence. They just knew.  They must have felt it in their sub-frames.  That […]