Project start date

Jack in action: the young apprentice hard at work

well, the fateful day finally arrived…”PROJECT START DATE”.  The transition from theoretical to practical.

I decided Jack had spent enough time with me getting the new garage organized (and he did it enthusiastically).  I’ll finish organizing the shop–it’s time to get to work.

Jack started by taking the front of the mustang off — all by himself.  Here he is in action, removing one of the few safety features available on a 1969 Mustang (the front bumper).  Turns out that American muscle iron from the late 60’s is a great way to learn about how to get at difficult-to-reach fasteners (but all in standard sizes).  Jack was a great sport and handled the bumper and lower valence removal all alone while dad reorganized the mess the movers made of hundreds of sockets in the Montezuma…