Home is where the tools are kept

If a man’s home is his castle, then the Garage is his sanctuary

(Thanks to Hollis and his boys at Texas Rustic Metal Art for the great sign they fabricated for us)

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  1. Ping from Tony S:

    Hey Jonathan-this Tony from Albuquerque. I came to visit in July with my Aunt and my cousin and you showed me the Candy Store. I just wanted to thank you sooo much for doing that and showing me your son’s car in person! I will be scanning this blog often to check progress on the car, it looks great! Tell your son nice job and good work. I ended up buyin the ’69 Plymouth GTX 440 that I told about. I have stuff posted about it on 1970chargerregistry.com. Check it out sometime. How’s the 2000 GT doing? It would be great to go back up to Cali next year and check out the progress on the ’69 Mustang! Thanks again, Tony