Inch by Inch

Charlie is almost, if not, taller than I am. With brothers, height is all-out warfare. And every inch counts. The tape measure is the battlefield, and hair gel is strategic weaponry. And as my brother and I inch along, so too does progress at TLG.

Another milestone day this past Sunday. The interior is finished (well, except for the rear lap belts and brake pedal, but that’s pretty much it). Thankfully, I remembered to take pictures this time. Dad brought the camera with him to the Goodwood Revival, so I was forced to used my phone, but we nevertheless have photographic coverage.

Your assignment: match the following pictures with their description (answers below, but don’t cheat). 

a) windshield wiper motor (requires much wiggling and many blows with a mallet to separate from the wiper arms beneath the cowl vent)

b) steering column (held in with a bracket attached to the underside of the dash and bolted to the firewall—don’t forget to disconnect from steering box)

c) transmission (I only steam-cleaned this, it was pulled months ago)

d) fuse box (finally removed the last part of the wiring harness—this pops out after you loosen a single screw on the cabin side of the firewall)

e) heater core (be careful not to damage the core fins when removing–also, the fluid hoses must be completely pulled off to remove this; don’t cut them like I did)

f) heater assembly (some five bolts on the engine side of the firewall hold this one in place)

g) front windshield defroster duct (remove two nuts under the dash and the whole duct pops right out)








ANSWERS: a) 4; b) 6; c) 2; d) 7; e) 1; f) 5; g)3

Don’t expect too much progress next weekend: I have plenty of part inventorying to catch up on…