Cutting Corners (just like A-Rod)

Probably pilfered from a car much more expensive than ours

Today, we worked a bit more on disassembly. First, I took off the doors and door hinges, using a hydraulic jack and a 2×4 to support the door while I took out the fasteners.

Then, our restoration guide instructed us to move the the rear end and remove the gas tank, along with a few other parts, but we need the car to run when we steam clean the engine (this step will happen next week). To make it easier on ourselves for this next job, we removed the hood and hood hinges, placing rags under the corners to prevent damaging the cowl vent.

Our hood has a functional 429 Cobra Jet scoop on top, so we may chose to switch it out for the Boss 302 Shaker hood. We’ll make that decision later on.