Lurking outside the garage…

Today I saw the most remarkable sight just outside the doors of the Three Lions Garage.  Parked mere yards from the large garage doors were two 1969 Chevy Camaro SS’s (a 1967 and 1969)!   That’s right–two of them!  This was no coincidence.

They just knew.  They must have felt it in their sub-frames.  That just beyond the plain locked doors, unspeakable violence was being committed.  A 1969 Pony–their arch nemesis–was being mercilessly mutilated.  Bit by FoMoCo bit.  Slowly and painfully.  With implements specifically designed to tear the extremities, skin and innards from the savage beast. They wanted to be nearby just to enjoy it. To gloat. To wallow in its pain. To ensure the sounds of its dismemberment were not wasted on the unappreciative.


  1. Ping from Ken:

    The red Camaro is a 1967, only the yellow one is a 1969.

  2. Ping from zaklady bukmacherskie:

    I want to start blogging too, what do you think, which blog platform is good for beginner?

    • Ping from jack:

      We’ve been using Technozoic Fluid because it is very manipulative, but there were some problems when we tried using it with an independent posting application.