Machine shop, here we come

Ollie providing moral support from the sidelines (check out his cool socks)

This past Sunday we finished our engine disassembly. With only a few steps left, we powered through the rest and now await a trip to Al Hubbard’s Machine Shop of Hayward, CA. Ollie came along and played with his new animation software while he kept us company.

We started our home stretch by removing the piston rod caps, making sure to mark each one so we could reconnect it with the corresponding connecting rod. Then we banged the pistons out of the cylinders using a mallet handle and a hammer. I reattached the rod caps (keeping the bearings inside), while dad took of the main crank bearings. The soda bottle racks held the pistons just perfectly. Once the main bearings were removed, the crank came right out.

The machine shop can do the rest (oil plugs, cleaning, etc.). Unfortunately, they are taking this week off, and I start school next week. Oh well.