Another Productive Day

Didn’t get too much time at TLG this weekend; I was busy driving (everybody off the roads!). Nevertheless, Dad and I were able to work a for a few hours last night.

Since the next major step in our restoration is removing the interior, I started with the windshield for better access to the dash and headliner. Before I could do that, I removed the wipers (which pop right off the pivots) and the cowl grille.

Note to self: wearing eye protection on one's forehead defeats the purpose

There was no weatherstripping attached to the windshield, so there was no need to use our handy-dandy window molding remover. The only thing holding the glass in was a rubber adhesive which somebody had applied much too liberally. A special tool is required to cut through this, but you can easily make one by stringing piano wire in-between two wooden dowels. To take out the windshield, just run the wire through the adhesive while working it back and forth with the handles. NOTE: Be careful not to wear away at the edges of the windshield while doing this. We ended up trashing ours, but we’ll try to save the rear window for reuse.

Clearing the car of glass dust (yikes!)

Today, I went to the garage while Dad was at work to make some more progress. I got hung up trying to remove the wiper motor, so I just started pulling the plastic interior panels in the rear before Mom had to pick me up for my physical.