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Home is where the tools are kept

Posted August 31, 2011 By dad

If a man’s home is his castle, then the Garage is his sanctuary

(Thanks to Hollis and his boys at Texas Rustic Metal Art for the great sign they fabricated for us)

Back from camp, back to school, and back to work! Right before I left for Kona I managed to pull the entire rear wiring harness (the only thing holding in the front wiring is the firewall). Packing, however, managed to rob me of a chance to blog about it. The fact that I didn’t take any pictures of the process will make for an interesting post later on…

Last Sunday, I finished some parts inventorying and cleaned up some old parts to list and sell on eBay. The automatic shifter, oil pump, water pump, timing set, rocker arm nuts, and transmission are all being peddled for some funds in the coffers. Most of these were fairly clean already, with the exception of the tranny, which was covered in gunk. Some engine degreaser, a steam cleaner, and many shop towels helped polish it up a bit. Pictures and info on the parts will follow, along with links to the eBay listings if you’re interested in buying any (please help pay for my paint job!)

Meanwhile, Dad added a touch of flair to the normally drab garage doors:

A little more legit than your average nametag


Ain’t nothing going on but the rent

Posted August 22, 2011 By dad

It’s sad how quiet things are at the Three Lions Garage right now.  Jack and Charlie started school this week while I was in Monterey for my annual pilgrimage to the holiest of holy sites for gear heads.  Consequently, the lights were off all weekend.  It wasn’t all bad, however, as I had the pleasure of seeing the Pebble Beach tour commence, preview the Gooding & Co auction (big thanks to Bart), Concourso Italiano, a great dinner with Jim, Payton and Catherine @ Tarpy’s, the Monterey Historics (just can’t get used to  the new name) where we watched a dozen $25 million PLUS Ferrari 250 GTOs race on the track, attend the RM and Gooding auctions and then join the Hagerty Dawn Patrol at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance where we saw twenty-two (!) GTOs lined up along the coast (collectively worth more than one half BILLION dollars) and a stunning group of arguably the sexiest vehicles ever manufactured)


Could be a picture from Sebring in the early 60’s if there weren’t so many of them!

Over the past several weeks while Jack and Charlie were away diving on the Kona coast, I had the opportunity to change the hood hinges on the London Taxi and properly align the hood so it now closes effortlessly.  Now I’m just waiting for a replacement grill because I broke out the old one to get the stuck hood unlatched so I could perform my repairs.  I think it’s safe to consider this two steps forward and only one back considering how nicely the front panels are now aligned.

Watch for Monterey photos coming soon…