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Brake Cylinder

Posted October 21, 2011 By jack

This past weekend, Dad, Charlie and I managed to put in a good number of hours at TLG (I know, its Friday already, but school and cross-country get in the way of writing these things). I wasn’t too productive; the only things left to remove from the car before I start suspension work will require Dad’s help. That’s why I left them for last.

I started by inventorying and storing the massive amount of parts that have been sitting out.

Bagged-up lines best collect brake fluid

Dad cleaned off a storage shelf we had so I could make room for the driveshaft, heater assembly, and steering column. After that, I looked at a couple of my books, and the 1969 shop manual, to determine the best way to approach bleeding the brake system. Having found the bleeding vacuum pump I needed, I first drained the master cylinder reservoir (most of the literature I had told me never to let this empty, but this is only the case if you’re looking to replace the brake fluid). Then, I disconnected the brake lines at the brakes, fastened plastic bags around the ends, and pumped the brake pedal a few times to expel any remaining fluid. Finally, I unfastened the two bolts holding the master cylinder to the brake booster, and removed the unit altogether.

Dual master brake cylinder

This weekend I’ll be hiking Mt. Whitney with Mom, so don’t expect any progress within the next few days. On my next visit, off come the brake lines, brake booster, and power steering (hopefully).