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Wrenchin’ and chillaxin’ with Pops

Posted November 26, 2011 By dad

Ponyboy hard at work - last stages of disassembly

In Leaps and Bounds

Posted November 12, 2011 By jack

Long time, no post. Quick update:

We actually salvaged this one!

At this point, our goal is to get everything off that we need to before we place the body on the┬árotisserie. Last time at TLG (was it a week ago, or two?) I started with the backlite (rear windshield). Thankfully, it wasn’t glued in place with a non-drying adhesive, as was the windshield, and didn’t require the piano-wire tool we used last time. With the combined use of a gasket-scraper and box-opener, I sliced the weatherstripping away from the top side of the backlite. Using suction cups, Dad and I were able to lift it right out.

Front disc brakes were a definite deal-sealer when we bought the car

Looking for a better way to access the brake lines, I then removed the front wheels. Dad’s new floor jack came in handy for this one, as did our large breaker-bar (our impact wrench is broken). Only five lugs on the Mustang wheels, which we plan on replacing with Minilites later on.

I’ve been noticing a trend: I make really good progress on my car, when I go to the garage! EARTH TO JACK: GET MOVING!